Mobile connection provided by masmovil, Internet browsing: Navigatigate 1GB, 3GB, 5GB or 8GB at maximum speed (GPRS, 3G, 3G + and 4G depending on coverage). Once contracted mobile data is consumed:


For customers in the contract payment mode, the billing will be done in blocks of 100MB,1.5 € each. Limited to a maximum of 6 blocks or € 9. Once exceeded, the speed will be lowered to 16Kbps.


For customers in automatic recharge payment mode, the billing will be of 3.63cent / MB, limited to 9 €. Once exceeded, the speed will be lowered.
Bonus: if you require more mobile data, you will be able to contract a bonus mobile data pack for that month.


Unlimited calls:

Unlimited calls to landlines and national mobile numbers up to 120 different destinations each month (billing cycle);  over 120 destinations – the cost will be of 10 cent / min plus 20 cent for call set-up.

The calls to special charging services and short numbering lines are not included in the contract (901, 902, 70X, etc ...)


The use of the mobile voice service is reserved excusively for telephone conversations and musn’t be used as “baby alarm", "walkie talkie" or similar.


The SIM card can only be used on mobile devices. It“s use is forbidden on switchboards, sim-boxes, call centers or any other elements that concentrate the telephone traffic, making massive calls or providing re-routing services. The calls made within the previously described circumstances will be billed with 10 cent / min and 20 cent for call set-up. 


Voice calls - 0cent / min:

Voice calls at 0cent / min + call set up (20cent) limited to 5 minutes. From the 6th minute, the cost will be increased to 3.63cent / min.


Relax Pack: If you need download speed, purchase this bonus pack and you will recieve 200MB extra at high speed as a gift. This bonus pack costs 2€ / month and can be purchased by sending an SMS to 2377 with the text MMRELAX. The speed of navigation in the “low speed mode” will be of 16Kbps; The maximum amount of MB avaliable on low speed will be the half of the contracted amount.

Bonus packs: If you suddenly run out of mobile data, you can purchase the mobile data bonus packs at


SMS: 9,68 cent/SMS for national and  30,25 cent/SMS for international adestinations.
MMS: 48,40 centralitas

Attractive prices for international calls.